Venus Factor Diet Overview

venus factor negative reviewsWomen have a lot of shared experiences. There’s some almost universal aspects of being a woman in our culture. One of the most unfortunate is feeling a sinking feeling every time you look at the mirror. There’s few feelings worse than not being able to wear your favorite outfit anymore. And it feels even worse when you start tying to lose those few extra pounds and don’t see anything happening. Though there’s one other shared experience which can feel a bit like someone’s rubbing salt into the wound. Guys typically don’t pay nearly as much attention to their bodies. And yet almost every woman has watched a boyfriend drop pounds without even trying. Meanwhile, it’s an uphill battle for most women to lose even a few pounds. It seems unfair, and almost like women are working against some extra problem that men aren’t.

The role of leptin

It turns out that women who have that suspicions are onto something. One of the biggest reasons that so many women’s diets fail has to do with a hormone called leptin. Leptin helps to regulate metabolism and hunger. Basically, leptin is what helps people lose weight. And most women develop and increasingly large resistance to leptin as they grow older. This can be made even worse by pregnancy and childbirth. This is why it often seems like weight is so much harder to lose after having a baby. It’s not a woman’s imagination, it really is harder to lose weight after having a baby. The reason that men usually have an easier time losing weight is due to the fact that their bodies are more receptive to leptin.


The entire situation with leptin resistance might seem depressing at first. Thankfully, there is a way around it. The key factor is the fact that women are in no way deficient in leptin. The hormone is not only there, but women’s bodies are even manufacturing more of it than men’s are. It’s simply that resistance to the hormone prevents it from being properly utilized. A recently developed system called the Venus Factor Diet can actually reverse leptin resistance but it’s not forever one. Here is a person that highlights why some write Venus Factor negative reviews. Please read and judge for yourself.

How to reverse leptin resistance

The Venus Factor Diet uses a precise system of exercise and meal planning to gradually lower a woman’s leptin resistance. While resistance is lowering, the woman will also be building up even more fat burning muscle tissue. The end effect is a system which energizes a woman’s inherent abilities. Additionally, the system relies on something else women are great at. Women tend to be good at forming and maintaining supportive communities. The Venus Factor Diet incorporates an online social system to help women really excel at their diet. The importance of social support can’t be denied. Jane Costello of the University of Michigan Health System once said that “A supportive community is the car which drives someone to a healthy lifestyle”.

In conclusion, one should remember a few key points in order to maximize weight loss.

  • It’s not your fault that you’re having trouble losing weight
  • Leptin resistance is usually what’s slowing your weight loss
  • The Venus Diet can reverse leptin resistance
  • A supportive community can keep you working toward your new healthy lifestyle